Real Chiropractic Stories

“I can honestly say that my back has never felt better. Without a doubt, chiropractic treatment works for me and I would wholeheartedly recommend it and my chiropractor Mykel Mason to anyone.”
Debbie K, August 2016

“I’ve managed to follow Mykel’s clear but gentle instructions on how to maintain progress once at home.
I have recommended this chiropractic clinic to more than a bird or two. The chiropractor’s advice is to be trusted. Visits are a pleasurable experience thanks to the relaxed and helpful staff.”
Pamela G, November 2015

“I asked my GP if any therapy or treatment could help with my pain as pain relief wasn’t helping. He recommended Mykel at Lushington Chiropractic Clinic in Eastbourne. I got an appointment straightaway and all the staff were very kind and welcoming.
After three treatment sessions I felt the difference. The treatment sessions reduced gradually and I felt better and better. I recommend my chiropractor to anyone who’ll listen.”
Andy D, February 2014

“I would highly recommend the Lushington Chiropractic Clinic and wish I had gone sooner!”
Diana W, March 2016

“I have suffered from limited movement in my neck for several years. To alleviate the pain and attempt to improve this condition I have used pain killers and tried physiotherapy. These have had limited effect. It was suggested through a work colleague that I try chiropractic treatment. Despite my scepticism, I attended an initial assessment. This was very thorough and used a detailed questionnaire plus a mix of x-rays and measurements to check my posture and to evaluate any existing damage to my vertebrae. Following the assessment, I signed up to a course of treatment. This comprises of a variety of controlled stretching and re-alignment of my spine with additional exercises that I carry out between sessions. As a consequence of the treatment so far, I am now able to rotate my neck more than before and am standing more upright. These changes have been noticed by my friends who tell me I seem taller!”.
Anthony, November 2013.

” I came to Mykel suffering with frequent migraines and a persistent shoulder injury. After a series of adjustments and massage things are so much better. I have had only one migraine since treatment started and the strength in my hand and arm is much better now. Advice about sleeping and sitting positions, nutrition and exercise will hopefully enable me to maintain the benefits of this treatment. I’d definitely recommend this treatment to others.”
Eve, March 2014

“I have suffered from back/rib pain frequently for over 3 years. It had got to the point where it had started to have an effect on most areas of my daily life as I was often uncomfortable and needing to take painkillers. I was offered the opportunity through my workplace to have an assessment with Mykel & was very relieved when he assured me that he recognised the symptoms & that he could help me. Since starting my care plan my symptoms have significantly reduced, I am no longer having to take painkillers regularly and have learnt to manage any discomfort using stretches that Mykel showed me. Mykel’s friendly, approachable nature makes you feel at ease during your adjustments and I would recommend him to anyone suffering with similar problems.”
Amy, December 2013

“I have been in pain for 30 years with my neck. When I came across a stand in the shopping centre for Chiropractic care. After talking to them they thought they could help me. Now having had treatment by them, I have better movement in my neck and shoulder that I have not had for years. I have reduced my pain killers to almost zero. I am so glad I met them in the shopping centre.”
Janet, February 2013

“My husband and I have decided to see a Chiropractor as we both have experienced health problems for various reasons. He had work related pain in his back and I was mainly struggling with headaches and occasional migraines. Since we’ve been treated here I have not taken any medication and my husband feels so much better too. We are both very pleased with the result and would definitely recommend it to everyone. Thank you Mykel. As a bonus everybody is kind and friendly, we love coming here.”
Melinda and Michael, March 2014

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