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I give lots of chiropractic advice to my guests (patients). Most of this advice is specific to that individual person but there is lots of advice that I commonly give to everyone and that is what I am going to discuss here.

The more you can do to help yourself the less you’ll need me!

Posture Advice from experienced Chiropractors in Eastbourne

Posture is very important and poor posture puts extra pressure on the muscles and joints. The spine is made up of three curves and what is best to think is about maintaining these curves. The next thing to think about is keeping the head directly on top of the ribcage and then the ribcage directly on top of the pelvis.

Exercise Advice

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going down to the gym. It can just be going for a walk. We’re so lucky in Eastbourne, with the seafront and Sussex Downs around us we have plenty of options.

Walking is great exercise as it is weight-bearing but low impact. It gets all of the joints moving (as long as you are swinging your arms) and works up to 200 muscles. Walking can help keep your spinal discs healthy too. The discs in the spine have a very poor blood supply and they get the nutrients they need through a process called “imbibing”. This is where fluid moves in and out of the disc taking nutrients with it. This process is very limited if the spine is not moving, so to improve this process walking is important.

This also means that you do not want to stay still for too long and that we should regularly get up from our desks. For more information on spinal disc health click here to read a blog that I have written.

Come on Eastbourne, your chiropractic prescription number 2 is: Get Exercising and Walking


What we eat is also very important. All we’ve got to think about is that the food we eat provides the building blocks for creating healthy tissue, which is what we need to heal properly. So, if we are living off coffee and takeaways and convenience food, are we going to get the necessary building blocks for creating healthy tissues?

The first things to improve is your hydration. I’ve already mentioned how important your spinal discs are and that they need to be kept hydrated. Tap water is fine, here in Eastbourne the water is clean and pure having been filtered by the local chalk downs.

Come on Eastbourne, your chiropractic prescription number 3 is: Drink more water and be mindful of what you’re eating.


Lifting is one of the most common onsets of injuries that I see. With lifting, the worst thing is lifting with your back and twisting at the same time, this puts the most pressure on the spinal discs. When lifting, the key thing is keeping your back straight as well as bending your knees but also making sure that the weight is close to your body and that if the item is too heavy that you ask for help or wait until someone can help you.
Come on Eastbourne, your chiropractic prescription number 4 is: Never lift and twist.


Make sure that you make time for yourself and that you have something to look forward to. Too many people these days, with the fast pace of life, do not make time for themselves and this can be very detrimental to your health.
This doesn’t need to be a lot of time but it needs to be for you. It may be that you treat yourself to a massage once a month and then, without fail, you go and forget about day to day life. These escapes are important for us. If you do have trouble escaping, learning different techniques to help can work wonders.

Steve Clifford is an expert in this area and he works at Lushington Chiropractic in Eastbourne click here to find out a bit more about Steve.
Come on Eastbourne, your chiropractic prescription number 5 is: Take time to relax and be happy.


Sleep is important as this is when our body gets the opportunity to heal. This is duration and quality of sleep that makes the difference. Most people need six to nine hours sleep therefore allowing enough time for this to happen is important.

Quality of sleep is also important and having a good supportive mattress helps a lot. To find out if you might need a new mattress click here to have a look at a blog I wrote.
Come on Eastbourne, your chiropractic prescription number 6 is: Gety some good quality sleep and rest.

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